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And there was plenty of time for fun with the not-quite-so-eligible ones, the ones who had a fiancee back home, or something like that. Heheh, yes, I admit I've had my fun in the that I'm looking for a steady, committed (eek, there's that scary word) relationship, pickins are slim. Thanks, ladies--it's good to talk to folks who understand my predicament. Yeah, that's all well and great--still sucks pretty bad and I'm pretty depressed about it. [quote=Metlakatla;5390492]OMFG that is horrible news. They also have that monthly get together thing "The Monthly Grind" out at the Saxman Tribal House.

Hey, Met--I used to play the saxophone and am thinking about having my horn shipped up here finally.

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And I'm sure there are some guys out there asking the same question, vs. *sigh* I'm not usually all about melodrama or romance at all, by the something in the air. And keep working really hard on relocating to another part of the state.If you are still not convinced about the benefits of local dating, why not register for a free, profile account where you can create you very own online dating profile, add a photo, search and browse other members and even use our brand new mobile dating application. Meet quality Christian Singles in Ketchikan, Alaska.Ketchikan kinda scares me's such a transitory place. There were some exceptions, though, and I found 3 of them. I wasn't THAT heavy of a drinker ('cept in my early 20's I guess). This actually might be very good for me in several ways.

I have been looking into jobs in other areas so maybe...awww, shucks. Two didn't work out for various reasons, the last one did, and I got two great kids from one of hte others. I will not be able to self-medicate my lonlieness away and will have to fill some time with more productive activities. I'm having a brain fart but there are some local groups that get together and play in Ktown. You might give Mc Pherson Music in Ketchikan a call. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. And I know POW is pretty tough in this way--met several guys but wow--lots of drug/alcohol problems around here, or--they are great but married. I am pretty darn eligible; I have a good job, dependable, decent-looking, and LOVE fishing, hunting, traveling, etc. You'd think I could find someone, but then, I'd expect about the same kind of profile and that seems a bit more difficult. I can get to Ketchikan--however, prices are up to almost 0.00 for a round-trip walk on now, so it's a bit harder.