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31-Jan-2016 01:13

One day, my doctor told me the events of his wedding celebration. The families of both him and his wife had a hard time getting along. He is from Philippines, speaks Tagalog, and practices medicine.

His wife is from India, speaks Hindi, and is a software engineer.

Yes, we may risk everything for nothing and yes, we are vulnerable.

But guess what, we always go the extra mile to please our lovers.

At first you might find that a bit disturbing, but in the long run you will feel grateful for gaining the honest affection of lots of people. Forget tourist guides, travel agencies, and the rest.

They usually recommend places they are doing business with.

Of course, cultural clashes can be a disheartening experience. As soon as I emigrated to the US, I dated an American girl.

But even if your relationship ends up in failure, down the line you will value what you learned. I frequently noticed her peculiar gesture whenever I talked to my parents on the phone.

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Isn’t it great you can submerge into such marvelous heritage by dating a latino? Dating has nothing to do with culture; it’s only about personality, chemistry and character affinity.As a latino I can testify that Latinas are the sexiest women in the world.