Dating engineer boyfriend

18-Aug-2016 03:43

All those broken gadgets in your home will get fixed — and possibly improved.

When it comes to ethics engineers are, hands down, the winners. If you misunderstood I am not responsible we guarantee 99% of our services the remaining 1% is tolerance. Pros: Engineers are known to handle the stress and strain of relationships better than most of their competitors (no not you – stupid lawyers).

Pros: You plan to buy a new (landline) phone, but confused in the selection of the brand. They are there to give you all the technical details. Most sought after for producing engineer like children.

Cons: You have to be more specific, now pay the bill for your new cell phone.

:)Since we're just coming down off the Valentine's Day festivities (for those of you who participate), I figured it was an appropriate time to ask about how we geeks go about navigating the dating pool. I guess I'll ask some questions to get the conversation started and then share my experiences.1. Answer #1 for what you observed with your classmates of the opposite sex.3.

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The clocks on your stove and DVD player will be set and synched. I think maintaining a professional working relationship would be very difficult after a nasty breakup.:( I also have a friend who, after gaining a reputation for being very flirtatious to her coworkers, has simultaneously lost the respect of many of her peers.When dating an engineer you have to remember they think analytical and practical.

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Logical thinking will always prevail over the romantic gestures.That is not a situation I would want to find myself in, so despite my friendly relationships with my closest coworkers, I make a conscious effort to avoid any hint of inpropriety.4. ) and I enjoy having someone who shares some of the same technical/intellectual interests.