Dating a widow with young children

12-Jun-2014 06:54

God is not proud of your successes but of your faith. All I know is that He has carried me a lot in the past 8 years. SHe said we crushed her because she wasn't ready and we had no right to do that.

She curses her dad out all the time but did this before we got engaged and she said she will not come to the wedding and will move out if we get married.

I've tried everything I know to get along...finally I've given up. I am not a saint by no stretch but I got to the point where I feel I tried and tried then felt as if I was letting myself down.

He took them to counseling a couple of times but he couldn't be bothered with his schedule being adjusted. It was always me that had to adjust or bend and not say anything. you are standing on the other side of the fence, ALONE.

He would leave for weeks at a time and they stayed home (their mother and dad's home) with me. If I would have known then what I know now I really don't think I would have made the covenant to marry he and his family. I am a 14 year widow, we both lost our spouses suddenly and tragically.

By the way....a picture of my husband's former wife and his children are hanging in my house.

That was my husband's life for 35 years and I respect that.

) and our house is filled with things I (I'd like to stress the word I) paid for before we were married.

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