Dating a filipino guy

15-Apr-2014 12:53

Now, are you sure you still want to date that Filipino guy?Matt Forney is a Chicago-based author, journalist and radio host.I was wondering if there was any chance for me to date him?I guess I'm sort of young and naive, but the only stereotypes I know of Filipinos are that they are very peaceful, musically inclined, talented, and generally tanned.And while statistics will bear out that most of us do end up dating and marrying within our group, that's just natural, because cultural compatibility is paramount to most people who want to avoid conflict.I'd like to think this is just what her parents were driving at, too." With respect to us Filipinos, she was upfront and didn't even mince words when she wrote in her 2003 book: "For the Chinese...marrying a Filipino..shameful." I happen to know this is quite true among many Chinese in the Philippines.

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I actually get along with him very well and I'm probably overthinking but...But she did more than that: She also suggested that the driver killed her aunt because her aunt was a member of a rich, market-dominant minority while the driver was a member of a "vengeful majority" in the Philippines. -- tensions which are more violent and widespread, much more societally disruptive, and much, much more gruesome because they had resulted in riots, outright war, ethnic cleansing, and genocide in the past.