Dating 2 men at the same time

19-Jan-2015 19:20

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If they have been on the dating scene for a while and guys have taken them for a ride and continue to do so, eventually they will get fed up and start doing it too. They do it because they can and men always have a back strategy.Most of the time they end up doing that to someone who really wants to be with them. I told Anique that I will consider dating two guys.Dating only one guy at a time leaves you at a disadvantage, as you are not allowing yourself to meet other guys, spend time with them, and compare.When you only date one guy you have nothing to compare to because you picked someone who you thought was the best but in actuality they were just available to you.And when they do pick one, they are hoping that they chose the best candidate. Then they try to change the "candidate." If you have never done this…and I'm not asking you to answer this question. I know you're right, I have seen women do that.So why shouldn't we be afforded the same opportunity? But have you never, ever taken a guy for a ride just because you can and all along had your mind made up that he is not the one? Most of the time women do that because of their experiences.Men think that women hold all of the cards when deciding who we are going to date exclusively.However, just because we know who we want doesn’t mean we are going to get who we want.

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I do think you shouldn't juggle more than two.But the way my attention span is set up I don't think I can commit to it for very long.

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