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Students typically complete a thesis as part of their studies.In the humanities, these degrees may also involve meeting a minimum language requirement.Doctoral degrees typically require between 4 and 6 years of study, often based on prior academic work, type of research (qualitative vs.quantitative) and whether the student is fully-funded (and therefore in less of a hurry to finish).

The length of a Masters in the USA varies depending on the type of course in question, but is usually between one and three years.Each individual state offers its own unique attractions and, with a little planning, you might well be able to visit a few - making your Masters in the USA an educational experience in more ways than one.The USA attracts around 750,000 international students, making it the most popular study abroad destination in the world by a considerable margin.With one of the world's largest and most varied higher education systems, the USA offers a huge range of opportunities for postgraduate (or, rather, 'graduate') study abroad.

Masters degrees in the USA can be part of academic programs at internationally renowned research universities, or prestigious professional qualifications at top business and management schools.The USA is a big country with one of the world's largest and most varied higher education systems.