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(However, it was later revealed Yato was actually asked to kill by Bishamonten's lead Shinki.) Yato is seen to have a very low tolerance for weak-spirited people, and if they want to commit suicide he has little motivation to help them.This is mostly because Shinki, like Yukine, did not experience a full human life, and because they died from an accident, killing them at a young state.Yato's main goals appear to be becoming extremely popular as a God, which seems to be quite a sore point for him.He will leave his number anywhere and everywhere, and is shown to be writing on different surfaces - like bathrooms, trains and walls that are easily seen.Yato can also be crude and unpredictable, although it is hinted that he can also be a cruel and merciless person.This is strongly implied by Kofuku, who introduces the rumor that he once killed a Shinki and several humans (according to Daikoku, this happened a long time ago, where the rule was "kill or be killed").He was angered when Hiyori was kidnapped and believed Bishamon to be behind it, to the point where he challenged her and was devastated when Yukine sacrificed himself to save Yato from Bishamon (though Yukine survived and became a hafuri vessel because of his sacrifice).He also cried when Ebisu, who acknowledged him as a God capable of making others happy, died and reincarnated and apologized sincerely to the reincarnated Ebisu, despite Ebisu saying he did nothing wrong.

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He wears a pair of brown leather boots that go over his jersey.

He and his Shinki, Tomone, destroy the Ayakashi (which had formed as a result of her fellow classmates' anxiety due to the approaching exams), that had appeared outside the school. Mutsumi, in total anger and sadness, yells at Yato about why she is still being bullied.

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