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At one point a cute T-Rex falls into hot lava and a scientist is killed in an accident. The press would be eaten first and how would we know? DI: Which would you prefer for your plane to conquer the planet? Hence the PG rating I guess but if you are going PG why would you not write a story that appeals to adults??? DI: Plan Nine from Outer Space had aliens raising the dead to conquer the planet. Also the inherent Batmanness would probably carry through. Tallehasse and his crew vs Evil Ash and his Army of Darkness. Honestly based on the figures I get from this site I think I am the only one reading my own stuff so I might as well enjoy it. I loved Despicable Me and quite enjoyed Despicable Me 2. Plus their leader is a sarcastic sexual degenerate.

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(South Park image from our newly updated category) DI: Awesom-o wins based on name alone. DC: The 80s…plus you got to see a bunch of other girls naked on the way.

So entertaining enough for the kiddiewinks but if you were hoping to take your kids to see something you could yourself enjoy prepare for disappointment. DC: I’ll build them all with 7 year lithium batteries. DC: I want Cylon warriors with fembots as my personal guard.

Third in a series is rarely a premium slot (Godfather 3, Return of the Jedi, etc.) and honestly if this were some kind of secret plan to release garbage in order to keep Despicable Me 3 from having the hammer fall on the loaded chamber (ah, Russian Roulette jokes. Your kids should enjoy the physical humor (although this film was bizarrely grim for a kids film.

Her husband was slightly more entertaining but his laid back hippy attitude derailed any appeal he could have had.

This is why Pauly Shore films are not considered timeless classics. DI: But chaos theory states that all robots will eventually rise up to destroy the human masters. DI: But then whose side will you be on in the inevitable robot uprising? DC: I suppose or put an expiration date on their mainseal so they fall apart. With the batteries they may be smart enough to find a Radio Shack.

Honestly Scarlett was where the film could have redeemed itself.

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