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01-Mar-2015 06:34

On the east coast, they'd be called dorks, out west, their eccentric.figure. I was down there for a summer back in 91 when I was just seventeen.

I'm not saying they don't come up to you in others states (obviously they do in all states), but my god, every five minutes a new girl would approach me. He was slightly overweight (yet very mobile, got to give him his props, could do a roundhouse kick/ carried his weight well) and he had a (for him) pretty "cute" girlfriend.

I love Denver, this is my hometown, and I specifically wanted to move back here after living away for ~6 years in 3 different places.

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Apparently there's almost nowhere in the country where there are more single women than men in this age bracket. Obviously there would be way more selection when it comes to that on the east coast than here.

If you can't get laid in florida, it's time to pack it in.

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