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21-Aug-2014 16:40

A man will want more with you if he can sense that you’re focused on enjoying and celebrating the time you ARE spending together.Rather than you feeling and accidentally communicating to him that you’re scared or uncertain about the time you’re NOT SPENDING together- which is guaranteed to make a strong, independent man pull back. Focus your attention not on when or how much TIME you’re spending together.In this sense, it is an act of service, and they don’t get offended when I open doors for them as well. Speaking from my experience, I know that it is extremely hard to have this conversation when you are a few years in and deeply in love.Is that too one-sided, or are they on to something? However, I have the conversation at the beginning of the relationship, only to have the guy take it back in the end. While I do not get upset or offended when someone adheres to cultural dating norms, I often wonder if I should.I mean, think about it: , you also have to find someone who truly thinks of you as an equal and can live that out in everyday ways. Instead of asking myself the normal questions that one asks when going on a date (Will we ‘click’? But I want any relationship I am in to be based on mutual servanthood, not hierarchy.Christian women I talk to these days have either never thought to talk to their boyfriends about gender roles (assuming they are on the same page), or are too far into a relationship to bring it up, for fear of losing something special. Which brings me back to those questions that float around in my mind while on a date… Instead, I want to pose the very questions I have been thinking about to you, the wonderful Junia Project readers. My friends and I come back around to this question quite a bit.

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So it makes me wonder about the guy: Why is he opening the door? Is it to be kind, or is it to show you that he is “the man”?On The Junia Project, we talk a lot about the egalitarianism/complementarianism debate in various parts of life – Church, marriage, community, family – but there is another part of life that we haven’t really addressed… Now, on one hand I feel like I shouldn’t be the one writing this – I mean, I don’t date a whole lot, and I am far from having anything “figured out” in that arena. We had a lot in common, including growing up in Southern California and coming from large Christian families.

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