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19-Aug-2016 22:24

Foreign cultures have a great element of respect, honor and loyalty in it when it comes to man-woman relationships.By virtue of being her husband, you will be automatically respected, loved and cared for by her.You have just opened the doors to an absolutely crazy, fun, wise, new adventure! It may even be the most remote place in the World, but you will still have learnt about new life and values and this will take you much more forward in life as you would have matured through this path and a great multi-ethnic social life.Last but not the least, thanks to their valuing of their feminity, sense of adventure, wanting to learn and experiment, foreign women are more sensuous.If she has accepted you, she has stepped foot first into your culture- one that is completely new to her.Moreover, foreign women are not only exotic in their natural beauty; they also are believers of the well being of the body, mind and soul.So if you like any other man enjoy the presence of the feminine gentleness, marry a foreign woman. From the Buddhist ideas of peace from South East Asia to the Hindu way of living from India to the Nordic and Baltic notions of balance and privacy to the sense of mystery from the Eurasian countries and beyond – if you marry a foreign woman, you will be welcoming into your life a journey of lifelong learning.Together, as a couple you would be invincible as you could figure out life situations better.

Just like you will be thrilled with the new cuisines that waft out of your kitchen and the unfamiliarity of her practices and phrasing of sentences.

Their notion of your culture is fresh and not tainted by any sort of negative ideology that comes from over familiarity.