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23-Jul-2015 07:43

Paying attention to clusters of simple body language cues can go a long way in dating. But I actually walked away from it with a better understanding of how to be aware of & manage my own emotions.

We will also review what we learned in this section.Generally, they are happy about you and your behavior towards them.In contrast, when you see a couple of "negative" cues from the list above, you can bet your partner's limbic system is firing in the "bad", uncomfortable, or disturbed direction. It might be a good idea to change your approach or wait for a better mood.Essentially, this system tells us when we are comfortable or uncomfortable, and readies our bodies to pursue what is attractive and run or fight what is not.

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Given that, in a dating and persuasion context, we can use very simple body language cues to decide what our partner is feeling.Personally, I have begun to see these general non-verbal behaviors from my partner as "green lights" (positive body language) and "red lights" (negative body language).

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