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28-Oct-2015 01:38

Buy Black Berry Phones Online Glo mobile was the first GSM operator to introduce Black Berry in Nigeria.

Globacom currently offer Black Berry Internet Solution for individuals and Black Berry Enterprise Solution for organisations.

You will also be able to read and view email attachments in formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Adobe Acrobat.

Black Berry also supports Instant Messaging like MSN, Google Talk, Black Berry Messenger.

Black Berry phones are smartphones that offer secure wireless connections anywhere any time.

Designed by Black Berry Inc (formally Research In Motion RIM Canada Inc), Black Berry was originally reputable for accessing emails and instant messaging while on the move, but has since become a reliable and secure integrated wireless communications platform.

Buy Black Berry Phones Online Black Berry Internet Solutions are designed for single individuals who need access to internet, apps, social media, instant messaging, and email while on the move.

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Black Berry devices are smart phones and hence may come with features found in business connectivity phones like Wi-Fi, MMS, camera, media player, maps, GPS, and so on. It offers almost everything on BIS but in moderation.Before now, it was just two, the Black Berry Internet Solution (BIS), which is designed for single individuals who want to access internet tools like email, instant messaging, social media, and the web while on the move.The other is Black Berry Enterprise Solution (BES), which allows mobile workers to access enterprise information while on the move keeping them well informed at any time.Black Berry Enterprise Solution allows mobile workers like marketers, field officers, sales people and top executives to have secure and reliable access to information required for their effectiveness.

Black Berry Enterprise Service is best for businesses with corporate email infrastructure.

Black Berry Enterprise Solution is a back-end system installed behind your corporate firewall, offering end-to-end encryption, which ensures corporate data security.

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