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14-Mar-2014 06:43

The responses were not what I had hoped—I’m pretty sure that everyone thought I was creepily desperate or a prostitute.

I suggest you read other men’s profiles to see which ones sound and look best, and pattern your profile after those.

The evening ended with me literally sprinting away from V-neck, almost being hit by a cab in the process.

When I finally made it back to my apartment, out of breath, all I could think was: How is it possible that people used to meet in bars? My friend Kaitlin—a flirtatious, 26-year-old writer—is one of them.

You may be a good man, but your current behavior may not reflect that.

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If you have posted your profile online with not one response, then you must be doing something wrong.

And sure, apps have downsides—it’s annoying when you can’t tell someone’s height, or if their voice sounds like a squeaky toy.