Am i dating a loser dating couples advice

21-Jun-2015 00:29

I can lose a few hours of sleep or perhaps a few minutes to make sure all is well with you and your kid, your dog, your mom or whomever....that's what GOOD PEOPLE and GOOD PARTNERS do...period. Was it ever discussed frankly what you expect of him towards your child?Hey Palmbreeze, First off, what have you and your bf discussed in terms of your relationship with him and with your child? For some single moms, when the father is around, the bf doesn't need to play a father role but of course needs to respect the child, treat them well, care for them etc.

My parents are leaving out of the country, and I asked my bf to sleep over. I think you are being a little irrational on this one. Yep...he's got some responsibility for both of them if he's going to be there. He voluntarily (I'm assuming) formed a serious relationship with a woman who has a young child. Please realize that this guy knows he's already coming second to the child.