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27-Dec-2015 19:36

Approximate cost per guest: Around for a shared appetizer and individual entree No time (or cash) for the sit-down tasting at Daniel Boulud’s double-starred flagship?

Snag a seat in the bar and lounge room, where you can sample surprisingly generous dishes à la carte, ranging from to .

See our brunch menu here Feel free to send us a comment or inquiry.

Michelin-starred restaurants aren’t known for being easy on the wallet.

But unlike at fellow two-star winner Ichimura at Brushstroke (where the omakase starts at 5), Soto diners can dine à la carte.

A fun and unique way to brunch, our Social Brunch is popular for both individuals and groups.In fact, a typical dinner at some of the list’s top-tiered eateries in New York often runs multiple hundreds of dollars per person.