Advice for dating musicians

15-Oct-2016 14:57

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Some people pick up a guitar and realize producing, engineering or booking is something they enjoy more.

Be open to what feels good to you instead of getting stuck on the ego fantasy of being rich and famous.” Vai also told what unique lessons he’s learned from the various musicians he’s worked with, noting, “I learned bigger lessons from the smaller names than the big names.

, he was asked to offer his top advice for aspiring musicians.

Here’s what he had to say: “Find the thing in music you most resonate with and throw yourself in it.

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When a client comes to us, our goal is to help them identify their unique brand personality traits and then visualize those traits through digital design, concepts for environments or experiences, or print collateral.

I want people who view my work to experience or feel something, whether it makes them think, brings them joy, or offers them inspiration. At the Happy Show this turned out to be a card dispenser giving each visitor a card with an instruction on how to behave next.