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19-Oct-2014 02:03

Others said it’s exhilarating to subvert traditional norms.

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Some participants in my survey mentioned that they had attempted to seduce women in such places as hospital wards and shopping malls.

Expect rappers, sexy model friends and Kendall Jenner on a regular basis as she travels around the world making us all jealous.

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to controversy, several of her Snapchat stories have caused quite a stir and resulted in lots of media attention.

One man told me that “although shopping malls used to be the most popular places for flirtation, many people have moved to social networks.” Participants in my survey reported using Tango or We Chat, which allows them to find and communicate with women users who live nearby or might be sitting in a public space in the area.

Some men have replaced their social media usernames with their phone numbers.This approach hinges on women being willing to call the random numbers that post flirtatious messages on Twitter or Facebook or Whatsapp.