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29-Jun-2015 14:44

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Sex or casual affairs are no problem, but when it comes to relationships, forget about it!

” “I made up my mind,” she adds, only half-jokingly.

“He had to go through at least 20 names before he found someone who wasn’t taken or gay. They always have that ex or that former relationship in the background, whether it’s ‘Occupied’... But then I realised he would never invite me to his openings.

Of course after a while you just get a little tired and a little confused,” says Charlotte, a 34-year-old from Belgium who lives in Prenzlauer Berg and works for a startup.Ask any straight woman over 30 and she’ll tell you that the odds of finding a committed man in this city are about as high as unearthing the Holy Grail. Emilie is a peppy French thirtysomething with big girly eyes and a roaring laugh that’s quite contagious.She’s doing well in the marketing department of a big German magazine and owns a small flat in Mitte. Once Emilie got over her culture shock, “I noticed that the only guys that seemed interested in me were married or in a relationship or something. Dot: “Getting your leg over in Berlin is easier than shooting fish in a barrel.Maybe I have to change and accept it won’t happen and enjoy my life as it is with my friends...

and sporadic relationships,” she adds, somehow unconvincingly. “Of course deep down, I wouldn’t say no to true love! Dot would tell her she’s looking for love in the wrong places: “Ask, listen and learn.

“They might love you in their own way, but their notion of commitment is really fuzzy...

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