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You do not need to suffer alone whilst on placement.You can still access support through the university Counselling Service and most work places have access to psychological support for their employees (even unpaid ones like us).I ended up needing 17 stitches, with five of those being deep ones where my glasses had cut so deeply.They even pulled out a bit of metal from the wound that had snapped off of my glasses.Conveniently, she worked at the RUH and said she would drop my bike there so I could pick it up later. I am going to let them down, they were counting on me organising their sibling group today, everyone else is too busy to do it'.

Those two weeks were really the hardest in my life. I called my placement supervisor the following morning, to let her know about what had happened to my Grandma and ask if I could have the following week off to attend her funeral (and nurse my mum and dad back to health as I found out on the Monday, whilst looking after my own injuries! My supervisor told me to take as long as I needed, there was no rush and no pressure for me to return any sooner than I was ready.As you are working for free at most Psychology placements they really want to make sure your own wellbeing is put first and not the placement.After all, you will not perform well if you force yourself to work when you are ill or too stressed.My friend has told me her placement were 'Amazing' and that she has no idea what she would do without her supervisor who has been so supportive with her on-going difficulty.

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So, if you do have an accident, illness or an unfortunate event during your placement, please do not worry about asking for the time off or support you need.De tafel is verkrijgbaar in de maten 200×100, 220×100, 240×100, 260×100, 280×100 en 300×100 (maten zijn in cm). Door de QRM werkwijze van Probilex is maatwerk binnen deze tafellijn vanzelfsprekend mogelijk. Bij de Doors-tafel, hebben wij een aanbouwwand in collectie.

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