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Hoffmeyer said computer forensic examinations were performed last year and police received a warrant for Soderborg's arrest last week.

Soderborg was booked into the Will County jail Monday and released later that day after posting ,000 bond.

A cultural history of Carry On films and tittering at pantomimes is accompanied by a state education system where there still isn’t statutory sex and relationship education in all secondary schools.

It’s also part of a wider, increasingly sexualised culture in which mainstream films, television, music videos and video-games can contain graphic and even violent sexual scenes.

As demonstrated by the Facebook groups that were recently found to contain child abuse images, policing huge private networks for illegal material is fraught with difficulty.

Formulating a way of managing access to material across the internet (or at least the web) when it is legal for adults is harder still.

There's a world of difference between a nine-year old accidentally stumbling on an explicit clip of unsimulated violent sex, and a 15-year old seeking out videos that help them understand their sexual feelings or identity.

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Given that in this case we are talking about restricting access to a form of content which is, apart from the most extreme forms, perfectly legal for adults to access, there is a particular need to get feedback in the earliest stages.The lack of a perfect technical or market-level fix makes the challenge for society that much harder.

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