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Unable to come to terms with his death, she takes a trip to a Mediterranean island that he told her about long ago as it is where important elements from his novels were spawned.Lucia also tries to reconcile her unresolved feelings while sorting through the events of the confusing weeks leading up to his death." The answer a lot of us got varied from "I picked you up at the foot of a hill" to "Oh from a garbage dump".In this sex education video, the producer tried to explain how we are made this way: "When your father's sperm swims into your mother's egg, then you are born. It's pretty much the same with sperms and eggs." The video is a three-part series, with each part lasting one minute.

Students are wondering where the administration was when all of this was going on.Cong Zhongxiao is the Director of China Children's Center."We've strengthened our efforts, but we haven't done enough.Sex used to be a very difficult topic to discuss, but now, they have at least one way to approach it." Zhao and his team have long felt that sex education resources available in the country today are usually inadequate and not suitable for family-based sex education.

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"There are enough resources and information on sex education around us everyday and they are all easy to get.

"We need the joint effort of schools, families and society in general.

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