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13-Aug-2014 08:02

Caligula would have blushed, but Cleopatra would have whipped out her honey-bee vibrator.Masturbation has been looked down upon, revered, prescribed by doctors, and, most importantly, used since the dawn of time.Beyond the website, No Fap provides tools to help ensure our users succeed.These include a web app providing instant motivation on demand as well as smartphone apps for counting successful days, providing emergency motivation, and engaging with the forum.No Fap is a name that evokes our origins, but does not truly encapsulate our mission. The fact is No Fap’s users come here to improve themselves, not to improve the whole world. We rely on that evidence to form our opinions rather than on religious scripture or doctrine.Far from being a single-minded movement, our users are a diverse group who find common ground in only one thingthey believe abstaining from individually-elected sexual behaviors for a period of time will improve their lives. Alexander Rhodes, No Fap’s founder, is openly non-religious.While this might be a large portion of No Fap’s user base, we’re happy that our forums include voices from all over the world, from many different age groups, and include the perspectives of various sexual orientations and genders.

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Our users choose what is healthiest for them and best serves their goals.Our users can journal their progress, ask questions of No Fap’s experts, and even pair up with accountability partners who’ll be valuable teammates when participating in No Fap’s challenges.Join our community and get a new grip on life with No Fap!We believe in an individual’s right to make his or her own decisions. No Fap doesn’t argue that individuals should abstain from sex or masturbation altogether for the rest of their lives, nor do we argue that individuals should “save themselves for marriage.” We might recommend that our users abstain from sex for the limited duration of their reboot. Most users return to sex soon after their reboots only to report vastly improved sex lives. There are members of No Fap of all genders, races, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Several media outlets have typecasted our users as being American males in their 20s.

Celebrate International Masturbation Month by finding out how masturbation has evolved over time.

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