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Accusation, da wa, shikayat, 309, 1946 : false — , tuhmat, iftira, buhtan.

Acknowledgment of a cause beinff finally settled, razi-nama.

Accountable, jawab-dih, jawabi, hisabi, {surety) zamin.

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Выбор за Вами, подчиняться ли местным законам касающимся материалов для взрослых.

Abrus Pbecatorius, {seed) kunch, 974, (shrub) gan).

Absolutely, (altogether) mutlak, mutla- kan, albatta, khwahi na khwahi.

Administration, intizam, amanat-darl: — of justice, siyasat, adl-gustarl.

into the women's apartments, or into a sacred place, mabram. Addicted, adi, raa'il, 1937 : — to gaming, kbilaur : — to pleasure, bilasi.

Tool handles, agricultural implements, wagon parts, baskets, and archery bows have been made from this very heavy, strong, close-grained wood. To the right along the drive is one of our ornamental harbingers of spring.… continue reading »

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As she answers, again try some follow up questions like "Are you upset? " These clarifying questions can help you get a little deeper into the feelings and emotions that your daughter may be experiencing. After all, you are a guy and you have some insight into the male gender that she probably doesn't have.… continue reading »

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