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17-Oct-2015 05:58

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Men can create a “dream personality” for their robot, and talk to them afterwards.

A note to all the guys out there: If you want to meet women and have satisfying, intimate, mature expieriences and relationships with them where you have great sex and also great communication, do not buy a sex doll that can pretend to talk to you. Are we really shifting from real relationships to virtual ones with robots?

If you do own a sex robot DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT when you are meeting women. The story gets a little more complicated when the inventor says he made this sex doll because of a girl friend that died in the September 11th attacks. I cannot even begin to grasp how hard it must be to lose a loved one in a terror attack, but is making a robot that acts like the person really the best way to get over it? I hope not, but I want to hear what others opinions are as well. Dan is a teen advocate for comprehensive sex education based in North Carolina, a blogger, music lover, and high school activist.

Especially if the only thing you do with the robot is f** t? Feel free to add him on Facebook and Twitter…He welcomes any and all comments on his posts 🙂 For anyone grousing that youth have succumbed to ‘digital demise’ are in another orbit or other stereotyped generalizations about the ‘avatar’ generation…I highly recommend you take a peek at the commentary on Dan’s original post too.

Because, as Colbert said, Touche, Stephen…I am LMAO, if I dare use a acronym such as that in a blog post.

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In my mind, sex robots like these are designed to make men treat women as bodies, and not as people with emotions, thoughts, and spirits.”‘targeting’ kids, but they’re getting splashed in the backwash of behavioral messaging.Figure for every teen swigging alcopops and energy drinks in wannabe style, there’s another buying into the beer-n-babes positioning, taking cues from this Heineken ‘hiney’ messaging on how to treat, view and ogle females.”My Thoughts On Sex Robots by Dan Jubelirer (published on Amplify Jan 12, 2010) On last nights’ show, Colbert covered the invention of a sex robot that has touch sensors and the ability to download different personalities.The robot just lies there, in a submissive position, and does nothing. I have nothing against men or women being sexual, and sex toys that help people masturbate or pleasure a partner are not wrong. Or is it a way for men to get all the “perks” of sexual intercourse without the messy ordeal of dealing with another person?

I think it is something closer to the latter, and Colbert makes this point nicely in the above video.

This stigmatizes and marginalizes some forms of gender and sexuality.

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