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Pitsco is excited about the upcoming changes and hopes the consolidation streamlines how you’re receiving your blogs.

So, thank you for following the Homeschool News blog.

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We look forward to continuing to provide you with blogs about homeschooling on Education Highlights.

If you have any questions about these updates, please comment below.

Pitsco’s sister company Hearlihy offers many educational drafting supplies, including packages and individual items that would work well for homeschools.

We specifically have several homeschool packs that range from to , including: , free open-source CAD software, as well as other CAD software programs available at a cost (though education versions are often cheaper).

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Another option is the digital magazine , which sometimes publishes drafting or CAD-focused articles, so it pays to check their website.You’ll still be able to find archived posts, which will all be transferred to Education Highlights.The post search option is a great way to find all the blogs we’ve published about specific topics.Luckily, many software companies provide video tutorials on You Tube as well as the standard instructions and help desk.

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Here are video tutorials for three different software programs: So, even if the homeschool leader doesn’t have any drafting experience, there’s no reason to avoid adding this critical technical skill to the curriculum. And if anyone still has unanswered questions, contact our representatives at 866-622-1003.Take recent articles such as May’s “Teach CAD and 3D Printing with Directed Learning” and April’s “Preparing Students for CAD without CAD Equipment” as examples of what you might find there.