Anal sex dating sites

29-Oct-2015 08:33

While there seems to be no data explicitly on female anal orgasms (shocking, I know.Like come on, it’s 2015), many women report that ass-fucking allows for a unique kind of G-spot stimulation that can be orgasmic in and of itself.You know that feeling you have when you’re separated from your cellphone for an extended period of time? There are probably super important people calling me right now and I can’t answer! a more technologically advanced version of myself could check them remotely, but what about texts?! There could be a text-based emergency right now and I’ll never know! That’s what it’s like when you leave online dating for a while. In fact, before this week, I hadn’t checked out a single profile all year. And that is what I thought when I clicked on this fine young lady that Ok Cupid had selected for me since I last checked in. You can’t tell due to my expert photo editing, but she’s actually quite cute. And I love Vegas, so let’s see what else Lola has to say. That’s like looking for only vegetarian cheeseburgers. I haven’t had a lot of anal sex, but my understanding is it’s a pretty rigid, premeditated experience.Like, maybe the battery dies and you don’t have your charger, or you leave for work in the morning and accidentally leave it sitting on the kitchen counter? You take a break from Match or Ok Cupid for one reason or another, and think in the back of your mind, “I bet some pretty amazing people are checking me out.” I mean, you’ve been gone so long, there must be a whole slew of knockouts, just waiting breathlessly for your grand reentry. And you have no idea how many years it’s been since I’ve been able to say that. And she lives in Los Angeles and is in my desired age rage. I mean, you need lube, cleanliness, a certain degree of personal comfort, 911 on speed dial. And is this really a necessary warning to hand out before you’ve even started conversing?Mostly the article apologizes for the sex-negativity that is squicking another’s squee and for the fact that the original piece relied heavily on anecdotal evidence that is contrary to what actual statistics about anal sex have to say.But it’s not an uncommon stance lately, particularly after Gillian Flynn’s now-infamous “cool girl” rant from “Gone Girl” that says women who enjoy sex acts that may be perceived as male-appeasing fantasies, such as anal penetration, are faking their interest in order to attract and keep men in a competitive dating environment. I’m a woman who likes anal sex, and I’m going to turn the tables here and say I think it’s weird that you think that’s weird.Recently I came across an article posted on the Urban Dater written by a woman who just doesn’t believe women can actually enjoy anal sex.She even insinuates that articles written in praise of the amazing orgasms women can sometimes experience from anal penetration may actually be written by men propagating a falsehood in the hopes of encouraging more women to spread their cheeks for the dicks of men everywhere.

) Some women do report stronger orgasms as a direct result of anal sex.Some women report masturbating anally on their own or engaging in anal penetration with female partners, meaning it is possible to achieve pleasure from anal sex that has nothing to do with the involvement of men.Then there are women like me who self-identify as masochists and for whom anal sex is enjoyable precisely because it is an act of suffering.She claims she has evidence (anecdotal from her friends) that the large majority of women don’t like anal sex and that they shouldn’t have to put up with a growing societal expectation of it becoming a normal sex practice.

Urban Dater has since posted a rebuttal piece (hehehe, rebuttal), although whether it’s an apology from the site or infighting among its writers is unclear.

Personally I think most women are big girls who are capable of making decisions about the kinds of sex they do and do not want to have, and I trust every consenting adult to act in their own best interest.