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His crime, aiding and abetting murder in the first degree, had landed him life without parole in a Texas prison—but he wasn’t ready to give up on finding love. “When I saw this man—this hulking, sexy man—and read his profile, I thought to myself, ‘I guess all the good ones are in prison! “I was intrigued, so I decided to write him and take a chance.”She emailed Alberto via the website, which then printed her message and mailed a copy to him in prison.

Three weeks later, she received his reply in the mail.

To find out, we spoke with dozens of romancers and inmates, as well as the man behind the largest online prison pen pal site on the Internet.

A Google search for “prison pen pal” yields hundreds of websites; some advertise as strictly platonic (Meet-An-Inmate.com, Friends Beyond The Wall.com), while others (Loveaprisoner.com, Hot Prison Pals.com) more overtly cater to hybristophilia—the attraction to “bad boy” types.

“I like thick women because I work out but all women can reply,” writes one six-foot-three-inch, 245-pound inmate.

“You must be a considerate woman who is full of passion and willing to fit me in.” “Behind every King stands a Queen,” proclaims Jamuri Scott, a 37-year-old inmate in California.

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A convicted murderer serving a life sentence, Matthew Davis had been in prison for 12 years before trying out an online pen pal service. “I just thought I might find a woman who was infatuated enough to send me some money—someone I could just use and not be emotionally attached to,” he says over the phone from prison.

“We don’t advocate dating; it’s just a unique little byproduct of what we do,” he says.

“A lot of the men on our site go in looking for love, but the romantic stories are rare.” Regardless of motivation, getting a profile on Write APrisoner is pretty straightforward: An inmate writes to the website, which responds with an application and a thick brochure containing “rules, guidelines, and tips for writing a good profile.” Once submitted, the information—a 250-word biography and a photo—is published to the Internet, alongside a contact address and the crime committed.

Still, he insists he’s not running a dating site, but rather a “correspondence service.” Lovell’s even crunched the numbers to support his case.

Last year, he analyzed his website and found that romantic profiles (i.e., containing keywords like “Seeking Ms.“And lo and behold, he was a Buddhist.” Despite some reservations, Heather decided not to judge Ryan’s capital offenses.

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